I developed an artistic practice around video, installation and edition. I attempt to give a presence to the void, show the elusive: these interstitial spaces where fluids and energies are exchanged and matter is in motion. I consider memory as organic and permeable. A contraction of space-time where we travel. 

My projects explore reminiscence, attempting to uncover meaning in oblivion and synchronicities. Their impulsion is often a personal experience, tactile, intense, which raises questions on our relationship to time and death. I treat these stories with a necessary distance in order for them to become mirrors of everyone’s own experiences. 

They are constructed images with a precise frame, from which emanates an empathic, soft and sometimes magical vision of the world. Questioning the rituals that rhythm our existence. Unsealing a life-form, the possibility of consciousness, lodged in our surroundings. Through images, make this facet of our univers visible. Maybe, it is a quest towards a finally unforgettable image.