Anaïs Chabeur (Paris, 1992) is a visual artist living in Gent, currently attending the HISK residency program (Hoger Instituut Voor Schone Kunsten). Her practice is multiform, using video, photography, writing and the edition of objects. Anaïs Chabeur questions reminiscence, her work attempts to give presence to the void, show the elusive: these interstitial spaces where fluids and energies are exchanged and matter is in motion. For her, memory is organic, permeable, a contraction of time and space in which we can travel. Anaïs Chabeur deploys carefully distilled narration in her pieces. They often have a strong sensorial aspect and interrogates our relationship to time, death and the rituals that rhythm our existence. 


H art Magazine, Artist Pages, 2018

Quelle beauté, quel calme. J’ai vu les nuages et, au loin, leur ombre légère
Concept & coordination: Wilfried Huet, concept graphique: Simon Casier & Petra Fieuws, 2018


Short films and Q&A, CIAP cinema, Hasselt, 5.12.18


2017-2018, HISK, Gent
2010 – 2016, Bachelor and Master Espace Urbain, La Cambre, Brussels


A computer does not hesitate, Solo show, Botanique, Brussels, Sept 13 - Oct 14
L’architecture d’une fraction, LEMOW, Galerie GAM, Paris, Oct 5 - 27
Quando scoppia la pace, Vittorio veneto, opening Nov 4
Where widowed objects meet orphaned ideas, CIAP, Hasselt, opening Nov 17
Show me tomorrow, we will go there, HISK, Gent, opening Nov 22


Coming People PrizeSMAK, Gent
Unraveling SlownessZwarte Zaal, KASK, Gent
Soft Elements of Some Violent Tendencies, Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp
HISK Open Studios, Gent
In Watermelon Sugar, Popposition, Atelier Coppens, Brussels, With LEMOW


Trust in the unexpectedGovernor's Mansion, Gent
HISK open days!  Visit the studio May 19th - 22nd
OPEN #1 exposition de lancement de LEMOWLe Centre Element, Paris


Carne, Hypercorps, Brussels
Déverser, Anaïs Chabeur, Sophie Duventru, Paris
Pathfinder, Louise 186, Brussels


Backstage, (One month residency with La Cambre / Recyclart), Gare du Congrès, Brussels 


Zone Nord, Maison des arts de Schaerbeek, Brussels