Mixed media, 2010-2012

This subjective cartography of Brussels’s canal is constituted of impressions taken from its docks. They formed a kilometer long fine line of black paint on the ground. It is the testimony of the transposition of the territory. It enables a dialogue between the elements, the active ones like the walkers and the passive ones: the elements of the urban space. The intervention functions in two ways, as a piece of the ground is taken, something is also left behind it is an exchange. 

A mobile kit has been created in order to ease the impression taking process, make it fluid. The movements are repetitive and more efficient, they become automatic and almost instinctive. The action becomes a performance. The kit answers in a pragmatic way to all the difficulties presented by the impression. It is a sculpture, a tool, an exhibition dispositive. 

Later on the project evolved toward a video piece. The impressions register an event within a particular temporality: the construction of a city, its slow modification by thousand of conscious or unconscious interventions of its inhabitants. The video has different rhythms, the paper being unrolled and the pavement. The sound of the video add a very sensorial aspect to the whole, like a crispy sound of the paint being taken off.