Disarming reality

Blown glass, ashes, wood
24 x 8 x 7 cm
Edition LEMOW of 5 + 3 AP

They are the manifestation of an absence. What is missing. They enable the experience. Fill the void; feel the loss. So light, they travel, thousand of kilometers carried by the wind to bring peace and sorrow. Allowing to partake.

On the other side of the planet, they are together united to say goodbye, releasing her body to the fire. Returning it to the whole, the everything. As she is changing form, almost becoming weightless, fading into the atmosphere, a crushing heat takes over.

And in that moment, the universe that holds us as one creates a mirror. A plissure, a contraction. It folds reality to let it happen. The volatile rain falls silently. Each ash flake, with its own will, gracefully delivers its message: She is here.

Gently stopping its course to give a soft, ghostly texture to all that is present. Everything becomes white and grey, light shadows petrified together. Disarming reality.